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How can I start
using guppy?

Enjoying a guppy ride is nice and easy. 
Follow these simple steps and start driving!

Download our 
free app here

Register online from the app.
You just need:
– driving licence
– credit card

Follow the steps and complete the registration.

Now you can choose from a whole fleet of electric vehicles! Book the car that suits you best. You have 20 minutes to get to your car, open it and start your trip.

Move at will. Do you need to do a stopover but want to keep the same car? Just turn on the standby mode to ensure it is unavailable for other users.

Once you reach your destination, park the car within a guppy area and end your trip. Parking costs are included.

FAQ´s guppy


To sign up for guppy and start using the service, you just need to download the app.

Once you had downloaded, you need to sign up as a user from the app.

You just need an identification document, a driving licence and a payment card.

Firstly, press on the button “Join guppy” and follow the next three steps:

  • Introduce your personal data.
  • Scan your identification document and your driving licence.
  • Register your payment method.

It is accepted european driving licences and the internacional licence as a card.

No, registration is free. You don’t have to pay anything to sign up.

You can pay with any Visa or Mastercard paid card.

Please contact our Customer Service on 649 210 756 or send us a mail to

Service availability is almost immediate. You just have to download the app, register for free and follow the steps to complete the sign up process. Once your guppy account has been activated, you will receive a confirmation email. From that moment on, you can now log in and drive your guppy.

The fleet

As a general rule, users do not have to charge vehicles. Our emergency team keep them charged and cleaned for you.
However, if you want to charge it for a long trip, all we recommend to you to plan your route and localize some charging stations where you can charge your guppy.

To charge the vehicle, use the charging cable that you will find in the trunk. When the charge cames to an end, remember: hand back the cable to the trunk.

Yes. Open the vehicle, press on the button which lets you extract the cable, you can find it on the left of the steering Wheel, disconect the cable from the vehicle and from the charger station and keep i ton the trunk. Now, you can start your trip.

Yes, you can. You have 20 minutes of free reservation.

In addition, if you are interested in extending this reservation time, you can start your rental even if you are not going to move the vehicle. Simply start the rental and you will have the vehicle available as long as you need, at the stand-by rate. Don’t worry, the vehicle will remain locked until you approach it and open it.

There is special fee for the nights: the night stand-by. It is a special prize to reserve the guppy from 24:00h to 6:00h in stand-by. You can read more about this fee here.

You can only book one vehicle each time. If, during a reservation, you want to change to another vehicle that suits you best, cancel your current reservation and you will be able to book the new vehicle.

When the reservation time cames to an end, this will be cancelled without turns into a rent. This action doesn’t avoid that you can rent the guppy that suits you best. The booking time will be available 2h later.

In case someone is injured, call 112.

If possible, move the car to a safe area.

Before leaving the vehicle, always wear the reflective vest that you will find in the glove box.

Secure the accident area with the triangles that you will find in the trunk.

If the accident involves third parties, fill in the accident report that you will find in the glovebox.

Anyways, call our Customer Service on 649 210 756, we will help you during the process.

All the necessary documents are in the glovebox.

Don’t hesitate to call our Customer Service on 649 210 756 if you need any additional document.

To closet he guppy correctly you need to:

  1. Put the gear lever in the parking position. Active the hand park or the blocked one.
  2. Press the button “START/STOP” or turns the key which is on the right of the steering wheel.

Check everything is OK: you have taken all your things, the lights are off and the doors and Windows are closed.

Once out of the vehicle, press on the button “Close” in the app. Wait for a second and you will hear how the car will lock inmediately.

If you want to keep the rent to use it later, don’t do anything else, the car is in the stnad-by mode. However, if you prefer finishing the rent, press on the button “End trip”. You can take potos and reviews about the car and your experience.

You can finish the rental within any guppy area or at any guppy point. Remember that you do not have to worry about parking costs at any guppy point. They are included in the price of the services we offer.

It is not allowed to finish the trip outside guppy areas, in private parking facilities, in places reserved for people with disabilities or in places with a time limit (eg loading and unloading areas)

But don’t you worry! The application will not let you log out if you are not at an enabled point.

  • Park the car within a guppy área:

Park the car in any public parking space that has no time restrictions, within our area.

The app itself will tell you if you are in a parking area or in a guppy point. If you are not, it will not allow you to end the trip.

  • Close the car from de app:

Turn off the engine, check if everything is OK, close the door and the Windows and press on “Close”. The car will lock automatically.

  • End the rental:

At the bottom of the same screen you will find the button: “End trip”, press on it and your rental will be finished.

ECO mode actives an efficiently and ecological way of drive. The entire fleet has the eco mode activated by default. To enjoy the full power of this vehicle, press the pedal fully and the eco mode will be deactivated momentarily. All our vehicles have the option to active or disactivate it on the button “ECO”.

Yes, you can. However, it is your obligation to comply with current road and traffic regulations.

Smoking is not allowed inside our vehicles.

Yes, they are. However, it is your obligation to comply with current road and traffic regulations.

In addition, you must leave the car in perfect conditions. Otherwise, it will be apply an extra fee for cleaning. Check the pricing policy here.

In any case, always try to make sure your phone has enough battery before using guppy.

We recommend you to travel with and USB cable to charge your mobile pone. In part of our fleet, we have cables to charge all kind of mobiles, in others there are wireless charging or where you can connect your cable.

If, for some reason, you are unable to use the USB chargers and cannot finish the trip, please contact our Customer Service on 649 210 756.

guppy area and guppy points

Check the complete map with the parking areas and the exclusive guppy parking points. Remember that you can move freely, these are only to start /end your trip.

​The license plates of our vehicles are registered. Simply go to the exit of the parking and the barrier will rise automatically.​

​If the barrier didn’t rise, tell to the parking service, the will rise it and you can go on.

No, you can’t. Our vehicles can only be used within the Spanish territory.

If ou want to travel out of Spain, please contact our Customer Service to help you if it is possible.

Parking in a recharge point is only allowed when you are charging the vehicle during the time it is allowed. In another case, it will be apllied an extra fee for the customer.

You can park as close as possible, as long as you comply with the parking regulations and you will be in an area enabled to end the trip.

If you are inside a parking you can park inside them as close as possible, but always in the same floor as the guppy point.

Special fees

Thanks to the maximum daily rate, whatever you do, you will never pay more than maximus daily rate. The app will automatically apply this rate, you do not need to activate it.

This means that as soon as you reach that price of consumption, you will continue to use our service freely without paying more for it in those 24 hours. Keep in mind that, having this rate active, if your rental exceeds 24 hours, the next day’s hours will automatically be charged as a full day. For example, a 30-hour rental will count as 2 days.

You can use the guppy balance to pay this rate.

The night stand-by is a special promotion we offer to keep the rental free during 00:00h and 6:00h.

It will only applied if the cost of the rent is at least €20 after the promotion. If you achieve this condition, you won’t pay the fee relative to the night stand-by.

If your rent cost less than €20, you will only pay the part of the night stand-by till that price.

Thanks to the extra between provinces rate, you can end the trip inside the guppy area or in a guppy point from other province. The app will automatically apply this rate, unless the guppy where you are travelling were from the destiny province.

For example, you can start the trip in Asturias and end it in Cantabria as long as you do it inside the guppy area or guppy point. You can see the extra rate here.

You can use the guppy balance to pay this rate.


You just need to start the rent like always, without any reservations.

If you are going to the airport: go to AENA parking, take the ticket of the machine from the barrier of the parking and leave it somewhere inside the car.

Go out of the guppy, lock it and end the trip.

If you are coming back from the airport: take the ticket you will find inside the car and pay it. Please, take the confirmation ticket from the machine and add it in the app when you finished your trip.

The parking price will be deducted from the rent cost and, if it is higher, that money will be added as guppy money.

The Santander airport Service is temporarily suspended.

Anyways, call our Customer Service on 649 210 756, we will help you if you have any problems.

guppy for business

To sign up for guppy and start using the service, you just need to go to “guppy for business” section on our website and click on “Company not registered. I want to register”. Fill the form with data about your business and choose a payment method: card or direct debit.

After sending us the form, you will receive a confirmation mail.

There are 2 ways to authorize users: direct incorporation or by application.

Direct incorporation:

Access to the “company area”, search for “Usuarios autorizados” in the menu and introduce the identification number of the user.

Attention! You only can authorize users if they have previously signed up in guppy as a particular user.

Application of the user:

Once business is registered, the user needs to request the vinculation. Click on “My account” in the menu of the app and add the tax identification code of the company. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your application.

As a company, you need to accept or delete thouse application from the “company area” of the web. Now, when an authorized user started a rental, will be able to start it as a particular or a professional user. If the user chooses the professional option, thouse rents will be vinculated with the business account.

Access to the “company area”, search for “Compra de bonos” in the menu, choose the option you prefer and assign it to the company or to a particular user.

If you assign it to the company, the coupon will be able to enjoy by all the authorized users.

Otherwise, if you assign it to a specific authorized user, the coupon will be only for that user. In this case, it is not necessary that the user was authorized user, the company can assign the coupon anybody.

From the “guppy for business” area you will be able to watch all kins of information about your business (authorized users, rents, bills, kilometers driven, kilogrames of CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere and the coupons), but you will not enjoy the service.

If you want to rent a guppy, you should use the app. When you started a rent, the app shows you the option of doing it as a particular o a professional user, assigning the rent to the business account you take part from, if you select the second option.

Customer service

To modify any personal data, access “My profile” tab of the app and modify what is necessary from the “Personal data” tab.

If you need to modify some data not editable, please, contact to our Customer Service on 649 210 756 or send an e-mail to

Yes. To drive one of our cars you just need to have a driving licence (B) and be over 18 years old.

Note that, as a novice drive, you must take the “L” in your guppy as it is said in the regulations.

If you cannot continue the trip (for example, if you are unwilling to drive, the car has been immobilised for some reason, …), please contact us via telephone on 649 210 756.

Remember that you can end the trip if you are in a guppy area or in a guppy point.

Please call our Customer Service on 649 210 756 and we will help you out.

Control the car charge before and during your trip. Remember that you must leave a range of at least 50 km at the end of your journey. In case of being close to reach this limit, the app will notify you in advance to end your trip.

If, even so, you run out of battery, please stop your vehicle in the safest area possible and immediately contact our Customer Service on 649 210 756.

If you find any forgotten object, please deposit it in the truck and call our Customer Service on 649 210 756.

If you have forgotten something, contact us to retrieve it. You can send us an email to or call our Customer Service at 649 210 756.

We rely on the goodwill of our users and we are sure that lost items will return to their owners, but we cannot be held responsible for any lost items.

We are sorry that our service has not lived up to your expectations. Please tell us the reason for your discontent so that we can improve our service. You can send us an email to, connect with us on our social networks or call our Customer Service on 649 210 756.

Legal issues

No, they can’t. The person who is making the rental is the only one authorised to drive the vehicle. If you want to change the driver, the current user has to finish the trip and the new driver starts a new trip or share the rent with the other user. Choosing this option all users who are sharing the rental can drive while this rent was active.

Each user account is personal and non-transferable. The user is responsible for any event that occurs during the use of his account.

Our insurance covers all the occupants of the vehicle at the time of the accident, people who is involved in the accident and the driver.

Provided that the driver is the person who has rented the vehicle or someone authorized by guppy to enjoy the service, and that they have complied with road and driving rules at all times, the insurance covers all the occupants of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

At the same time, it covers the injured produced to people involved in the accident.

Terms and conditions (12)Policy certificate and General conditioning

As you can see, the insurance doesn’t cover the damages of the guppy. However, we will evaluate your use of guppy and if you are complied with road and driving rules explained in the terms and conditions section.

If it is positive and according to our filosophy and the values we try to implement, don’t worry, we will bear the cost of the reparation of the guppy.

If someone exceeds the speed limit and consequently, this entails any sanctions for the driver, autorities will contact us to know the user who was driving in that momento. Once identified, the responsible person will notificate you the penalti fee. At the same time, guppy will aplicate a charge in your account for administrative expenses.



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