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First of all, you should know that you can use guppy freely, without geographical restriction.
You can drive and stop wherever you want, but yes, you have to finish the rental within the guppy zone or at a guppy point.

guppy in Madrid

The only carsharing with interprovincial service is now available in Madrid. Rent your electric vehicle in any guppy point in Spain and end your rental freely in any other city or region without prior notice. Use the app to discover all the available guppy spots, these determine where you can start and finish the rent, and move like a fish in the water.
All guppy vehicles can enter, circulate and park in the Central District of Madrid (Central Madrid).

guppy points

We have exclusive parking spots in Madrid city center: Plaza de Colón and Calle Serrano. Two strategic locations to park in the center without worrying about looking for parking, you will save save time and money.

In addition, we have 2 parking spaces in the northeast of the city, around the IFEMA fair and exhibition center.

Exclusive guppy spaces in Madrid

LOCATION LOCATION Nº of parking places
Parking Plaza de Colón Telpark - 2 ª planta Indoors 4
Parking Serrano 41 Telpark - 2ª planta Indoors 4
IFEMA – Total Energies. Ribera del Loira, 36 Outdoors 2
Madrid-Barajas Airpot Outdoors
Guppy Madrid

Madrid-Barajas Airport

guppy is the smartest way to get to Madrid airport. Enjoy our vehicle delivery and pickup service, available at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 4.

You can start your guppy rental from any guppy location in Spain and end it at the airport, or alternatively, start the rental at the airport and end it at a guppy point available in Asturias, Cantabria, Madrid, or Bilbao.

You have doubts?

Do I have to leave it in the same place?

No. You pick it up at a place and, when you finish the trip, you can leave it at the same point guppy point or in another. Even if it's in a different province

Can I go where I want?

Yes, the only limit is autonomy. Remember that you have to go back to a guppy point or zone to finish the rent. Check the level of charge and the km you can travel.

Can I stop anywhere?

Yes, as long as it is a legal parking allowed (not in loading and unloading, fords, areas reserved for people with disabilities, etc.) and keeping the car on stand by.

Do I have to pay the blue zone?

No. In Madrid, Zero vehicles Emissions can park without time limitation and no payment of the parking, as long as not is prohibited by some rule general or particular.

Are there spaces reserved for me?

Yes. There are more than 270 exclusive guppy places spread throughout Spain.​

What about the parking lots?

There are several parking lots publics that have Points guppy, which are exclusive places free. In the rest, you can park on stand by if you pay the fee corresponding, but you will not be able end rental