Asturias Airport

Enjoy guppy again at Asturias airport. Drop off or pick up your vehicle at the main parking lot of the airport, just 1 minute walk from the terminal, more comfortable impossible!

How does it work? Let us refresh your memory! Just rent your car or finalize your rental as normal, from our app. No need to book in advance.

I want to take a guppy at the airport to move around Asturias

Welcome to the tierrina! Hopefully your flight went smoothly and without delays. Now, it is normal that you want to rent your guppy to go to Gijón, Oviedo or to tour Asturias and go sightseeing in one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. Well, it is very easy:

• From the guppy APP, select the vehicle that suits you best.
• Go to the AENA general parking. It is only one minute away from the terminal, you just have to cross it from departures.
• Locate your guppy and start the rental process.
• When you open the door of the vehicle you will see a parking ticket on the dashboard.
• Take that ticket and pay for it. Make sure to collect the payment receipt and upload a photo at the end of the rental in the app. Don’t worry, the parking amount will be immediately subtracted from the cost of your rental and, if it is higher, the difference will be added to your guppy balance.

Do you have any doubts about the process? Call us at +34 649 210 756, we will be happy to help you.

I'm going to the airport and I want to leave my guppy there

Are you going on a trip? Now it’s easy. You don’t need to get anyone to take you to Ranon, nor depend on bus schedules to the airport.

• Take out your cell phone and rent your guppy.
• Once at the airport, go to the AENA general parking.
• Take your ticket to the parking lot as you would do with your own car.
• Leave the ticket clearly visible on the dashboard.
• Get out of the car, check and finish your rental.

Have a good trip!

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