guppy for business

guppy also has the best deal for the business world.
You can save time and money thanks to the integrated business management offered by guppy. You will have full and immediate access to information to monitor the trips and bills linked to your company.

Rates for companies

Less than 1,000 km/month


Between 1,000 and 5,000 km/month


More than 5,000 km/month


Stand-by mode

Stand-by rate




Saving of costs

outsourcing of fixed costs. No initial investment or strings attached.

Saving of time

easier management of the motor pool.

More efficient control on

trips and expenses. Estimate of costs and record of journeys.


100% electric vehicles. Environmental commitment.

Benefits for employees

Company car available.

If you already want to make the most of guppy advantages, you can sign up as a company now. 

In order to finish the registration, you have to download: SEPA, fill it out and attach it.

Download the app 
and move at will

Do you need help?

Go to FAQ´S about guppy 

Customer support

+34 985 175 588



Download th app and
move at will

Do you need help?

Go to FAQ´S about guppy

Customer support

+34 985 175 588



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