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guppy wave!

guppy is not just a carsharing service, it is a way of understanding mobility inspired by sustainability and innovation.

All of you who share our values can be part of the guppy wave.

A wave that never stops growing.

 Will you join us?

We are much more than electric vehicle carsharing. We have become a real movement whose philosophy is to promote and encourage a comprehensive sustainable mobility: efficient, intelligent, complete, versatile and in real expansion.

More and more of us have joined the guppy wave: users, copanies and collaborating entities, the support and maintenance team… and especially those people who join the movement to implement guppy in new geographical areas.

Who are the guppy people?


When you use guppy you enjoy a convenient and fun service, but you are also helping to make your city a more modern, clean and accessible place.

Our team

At guppy there is a team of wonderful  professionals who never stop working to improve and innovate services and to ensure that vehicles are always
 ready when and where you need them.


We continue to collaborate with other companies and entities to improve services, carry out promotions and provide initiatives that benefit our customers.


Help us expand the guppy wave by becoming our partner. We are looking for investors to take guppy to new cities or regions of the country. You will discover that we are much more than a franchise.


Why are you interested in becoming a guppy member?

Cities demand it

Limited parking, traffic and emission restrictions, new urban mobility plans… It’s time to bring solutions in your city. Don’t let them get ahead of you!

Brands favor it

Manufacturers and dealers are interested in registering electric vehicles. And so are government measures so are they.


We provide the brand, knowledge and means, but you are the one who knows your area who knows your area best. That’s why you will be able to operate in your area independently and exclusively.

Who can be a 
guppy parter?

Generally, any company, entity or individual can be a potential guppy partner if he/she believes in the guppy movement and is interested in implementing a new, profitable service with great projection. What about someone in particular? Here are some ideas:


They already have a fleet of vehicles, infrastructures and a strong link with the manufacturing brands.


Infrastructure and parking space

City councils

For their interest in a service of public interest that promotes sustainable mobility in the city, saves parking spaces, reduces traffic and does not pollute.


Individuals or companies with investment capacity and interest in promoting sustainable mobility in their area.

Who can become a guppy partner?


An already successful business, with experience in experience in brand implementation, operation, knowledge of the industry, of the public, of the messages and of the most and the most effective communication channels. You will have our full support and accompaniment and accompaniment as well as a detailed guide detailed guide with everything you need to know.

In-house development

An original system developed entirely by guppy, with a user app, awarded in app, awarded in 2020 as the best app of the year app of the year according to the newspaper El Comercio, and an efficient fleet management and control fleet management and control software.

Pricing policy

Pricing systems, costs, commercial agreements, negotiation alternatives with companies… At guppy we have already thought it all through and gone through the process, so now we put it at your disposal to make things easier for you.

What do we expect from you?

Everything is in place. We provide a strong brand, knowledge, experience and our comprehensive advice. In exchange, you will only commit a variable component of the business, depending on the turnover you obtain. We expect you to drive guppy into new markets and make it profitable, always respecting our philosophy of sustainability, transparency and customer service.

Need support?

You can send us an email to resolve any questions you may have:

Or, if you prefer, leave us your details and we will call you back.

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