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About guppy

We are the first car sharing service in Asturias and Cantabria.

And this means? That you have at your disposal a comprehensive sustainable mobility service, based on a fleet of 100% electric vehicles for rental, with a rate adjusted to the mileage performed.

In addition, we offer exclusive parking spaces monitored in real time.

And all managed entirely through a mobile application.

You only need our app. Reserve your vehicle from your mobile and pay only for what you use.


Download the app

and move at will



Move smartly and control everything easily from the app on your phone.


Without obligation, you pay only for what you use. Everything is included in the price, from parking costs to battery charge.


We offer 100% electric and zero-emissions vehicles, source of renewable energy.

In addition to promoting sustainable mobility in our cities, at guppy we want to promote the prudent and responsible driving of our vehicles.

Therefore, in no case will we tolerate the behavior of those who do not respect traffic regulations, especially in relation to the consumption of alcohol and drugs, as well as reckless driving and speeding (remember that in GUPPY you will pay for kilometres travelled and not for the duration of your journey).

On the other hand, if you prove to be a responsible driver, respectful of the rules and, by extension, with those who share our streets and roads with you, we will take this into account when assessing the small damages that normal use can cause to vehicles.

With responsible driving, in addition to saving you problems, you will make our cities a better place to live. And if you drive a guppy, respecting the rules, you will enjoy a pleasant experience with zero emissions.

We have the trust of