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First of all, you should know that you can use guppy freely, without geographical restriction. You can drive and stop wherever you want, but yes, you have to finish the rental within the guppy area or at a guppy point.

guppy zone

The guppy zone defines where I can find and drop a guppy. So, they are the areas where I can start and end the rental of a vehicle. In addition, inside the guppy zone you do not have to pay to park in the blue zone.

In our map, it is the area delimited with a blue colour light. This covers most of the urban space of Gijón, all the guppy spots in Asturias and other areas of interest such as the Cabueñes Hospital, the Gijón Technology Park car park, La Laboral.


guppy points

There are more than 35 exclusive parking points strategically distributed throughout Asturias. You will easily recognize them by their green colour. At these points you have reserved places where you can finish the rental at no cost.

This is the list of guppy points, you will see that we have everything thought for you to move around Gijón with total freedom and without wasting time because you have the best parking spaces at your disposal.

Exclusive parking spaces

Point LOCATION Nº of parking places
El Corte Inglés - 1st Floor - Open from 10h to 22h from Monday to Saturday - Gijón Indoors 3
CC Los Fresnos - 1st Floor - Open from 9am to midnight - Gijón Indoors 6
EPI Edificio Polivalente - Gijón Outdoors 5
Parking Jovellanos (Plaza 6 de Agosto) - 1st Floor - Open 24h - Gijón Indoors 5
Puerto Deportivo - Playa Poniente - Gijón Outdoors 7
EPI Aulario Norte - Gijón Outdoors 5
Bellavista - Gijón Outdoors 5
Cámara de Comercio - Open Monday-Friday: 7-22 h, Saturday: 7-15 h - Gijón Outdoors 2
Milla del conocimiento - Gijón Outdoors 4
Aeropuerto de Asturias* Outdoors 10
Acuario - Gijón Outdoors 2
Parque Infantil de Tráfico - Gijón Outdoors 1
CMI El Coto - Gijón Outdoors 4
Palacio de Deportes de La Guía - Gijón Outdoors 5
Las Mestas RGCC CHAS Viesques - Gijón Outdoors 5
CMI La Arena - Gijón Outdoors 1
Parking Fábrica del gas - 1st Floor - Open 24h - Gijón Indoors 4
Fundación Municipal de la Cultura Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos - Gijón Outdoors 2
Piscinas de El Llano - Gijón Outdoors 2
Plaza de La Serena - Gijón Outdoors 3
CMI El Llano - Gijón Outdoors 1
Casa Rosada Calle Alesón - Gijón Outdoors 5
Casa Rosada Calle Maternidad - Gijón Outdoors 5
Cimadevilla Iglesia de San Pedro - Gijón Outdoors 7
CMI Pumarín Gijón Sur - Gijón Outdoors 1
Complejo Deportivo Moreda Natahoyo - Gijón Outdoors 1
Ateneo de La Calzada - Gijón Outdoors 1
Polideportivo La Calzada - Gijón Outdoors 1
Campo de Golf La Llorea - Gijón Outdoors 1
Instalaciones Municipales Piti - Gijón Outdoors 4

Transport to Asturias Airport

Enjoy guppy at Asturias Airport: leave or pick up your guppy/vehicle at the main airport parking, just a 1-minute walk from the Terminal. It couldn’t be more convenient!

Do you have doubts?

Do I have to leave it in the same place?

No. You pick it up at one place and when you finish the trip, you can drop it off at any point within the guppy zone.

Can I go where I want?

Yes, the only limit is autonomy. Remember that you have to go back to the guppy area to close the trip. Check the level of charge and the km you can travel.

Can I stop anywhere?

Yes, as long as it is legally permitted parking (not loading and unloading, fords, areas reserved for people with disabilities, etc.) and keeping the car on stand-by. What you will not be able to do is finalize the rental if you are out of the guppy zone.

Do I have to pay the blue zone?

No. In Gijón, if you are in the guppy zone, you can park and/or finish the rental without paying the ORA. In other towns you will have to pay the fee, like any other vehicle.

Are there spaces reserved for me?

Yes, there are 30 guppy spots with exclusive parking spaces throughout Gijón, including several parking lots, shopping centers and the city center. You can also get to and from Asturias airport by guppy!

What about the parking lots?

There are several public car parks that have guppy points, which are exclusive free parking spaces. In the rest, you can park in stand-by if you pay the corresponding rate, but you will not be able to finalize the rental.