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First of all, you should know that you can use guppy freely, without geographical restriction. You can drive and stop wherever you want, but yes, you have to finish the rental within the guppy area or at a guppy point.

Guppy zone

The guppy zone defines where I can find and leave a guppy. In other words, these are the areas where I can start and end the rental of a vehicle. In addition, inside the guppy zone there is no blue zone parking fee.

On our map, this is the area delimited by a light blue color. That covers most of the urban space of Torrelavega, so you can move freely not only in Cantabria but also in the interior of the city.


Guppy points

Thanks to the guppy points in Torrelavega you can park in the best parking spaces in the city without wasting time or paying for parking: in the Plaza Mayor of Torrelavega, in La Carmencita, in the Plaza Baldomero Iglesias… Check this list, or use the app, to check its location and availability.

Exclusive guppy parking spaces in Torrelavega

Localization Type Nº OF PARKING PLACES
Plaza Baldomero Iglesias - Torrelavega Outside 5
Plaza Mayor - Torrelavega Outside 3
La Inmobiliaria - Torrelavega Outside 3
Aparcamiento Lucio Marcos Estévez - Torrelavega Outside 3
La Carmencita - Torrelavega Outside 3


We are available for you at Santander Airport.

Do you have doubts?

Do I have to leave it in the same place?

It is not necessary. You can start the rental in one place and end it in another, as long as it is within a guppy point or zone.

Can I go where I want?

Yes, the only limit is autonomy. Remember that you have to return to the guppy zone to finish the rental. Check the charge level of the vehicle and the kilometers of autonomy available.

Can I stop anywhere?

Yes, as long as it is a legally permitted parking (not in loading and unloading, fords, areas reserved for people with disabilities, etc.) and keeping the vehicle in stand-by. What you will not be able to do is to end the rental if you are outside the guppy zone.

Do I have to pay the blue zone?

No. If you are in the guppy zone, you can park and/or end the rental without paying the OLA. In other towns you will have to pay the fee, as with any other vehicle.

Are there spaces reserved for me?

Yes, there are guppy points with exclusive parking spaces strategically distributed throughout Santander, including several parking lots, shopping malls and the airport.

What about the parking lots?

If the parking lot has a guppy point, parking spaces exclusively for guppy users, you will be able to park and/or end the rental for free. In the rest, you can park if you keep the vehicle on stand-by and if you pay the corresponding fee.