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Bilbao Airport

Do you have a flight at Bilbao airport? You can go back and come back from there in guppy

Please note: to rent our Tesla guppy you should have

At least, 1 year of experience on the driver’s license.

The rental of the vehicle involves a deposit of 300€.

How does the guppy service work at the airport? Check the process below

Icono avión ida

You arrive at the airport by plane

Open the guppy app and rent the car that suits you best.

Call +34 649 210 756 to request your vehicle at the airport 15 minutes in advance.

Go to the meeting point. You will find the eparkBilbao team in the departures terminal, third floor. You will recognize them because they are wearing a red vest and they will be waiting for you with your guppy.

Icono avión vuelta

You get to the airport in a guppy vehicle

Call +34 649 210 756 to inform of your arrival at the airport 15 minutes in advance.

Go to the meeting point that you will find in the departures terminal of the airport, accessing through the express car park lane. Pick up your ticket and leave it on display on the dashboard. Proceed to the third crosswalk

The eparkBilbao team will be waiting for you to pick up your guppy. You’ll recognize them because they’re wearing a red vest

Once the vehicle is handed over, end the rent from the app.

You must call us at +34 649 210 756 to ensure the delivery or collection of your guppy 15 minutes in advance.

More Advantages of guppy

Move like a fish in water

You can use guppy freely, with no geo-restriction. You can drive and stop wherever you want, but you have to finish in a guppy area or point.

In addition, you can make interprovincial trips between Asturias, Cantabria, Bilbao and Madrid 

We connect cities with airports

That’s why we are in more places besides Bilbao Airport. Find us also at Santander AirportMadrid Airport, and Asturias Airport. Did you know that you can reach any of these airports from any guppy point and end your rental without having to return the vehicle? It’s that simple.

Charge the vehicle's battery directly with your guppy app

Our app has the possibility of accessing more than 14,000 charging points so that you can comfortably charge your guppy from our app… and even pay with guppy balance.

All in one!

Save with the vouchers and use the guppy balance on rentals, daily maximum, battery charges in the app or on interprovincial rentals.

Take advantage of our Corporate Account

Is this a work trip? Register your company or organization and the trip will be charged directly to the corporate account. In addition, you will be able to benefit from all the advantages it offers.