Pricing Policy

  1. RATE “ON THE GO!”

    This is a rate per kilometre:

    • First 10 kilometres: 1€/km
    • From kilometre 11: 0,50€/km

    At this rate, you do not pay until the end of the rental (in the case of a daily maximum, check the “All Day” rate section).


    This is a rate for when the vehicle is in stand-by without the rental having been completed.

    • Rate in stand-by mode for the day: 0.05€/km
    • Rate in night stand-by mode (which takes place between 00:00 and 06:00 hours): Totally free, as long as it is linked to a rental of at least twenty (20) euros, after applying the promotion. If the rent does not reach twenty euros, only the part of the night stand-by will be paid until that amount is reached.

    This is a rate that levies a maximum daily amount. For example, if your rental starts at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, it lasts until 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

    Thanks to the maximum daily amount, whatever you do in those twenty-four hours, you will never pay more than sixty (60) euros a day. The guppy app will automatically apply this rate to you, without having to activate it.

    This means that, as soon as you reach sixty euros of consumption in your daily rent, you will continue to use, freely, our service, without paying more for it in the time remaining until the twenty-four hours of rent. Keep in mind that, if your rent exceeds those first twenty-four (24) hours, the expense will be calculated globally, not by independent days.

    The daily maximum rate CANNOT BE PAID WITH BONUSES OR GUPPY BALANCE, they are incompatible. The card you have associated with your guppy account is always billed directly.

    For example: You cannot buy a SAVINGS 50 BONUS, in which you get 70 euros in guppy balance, and use it to reach the daily maximum amount (60 euros).

    This rate includes:

    • Kilometres and minutes of stand-by, without limit, in 24 hours
    • Vehicle change as many times as you want. The one-day rental does not mean that you have to limit your use to a single vehicle, you can change freely
    • Our exclusive parking spaces

    The “All Day” rate or maximum daily amount must be paid at the end of the twenty-four-hour period after the start of the rental. Even when the user is going to use the vehicle for several days in a row, he must pay the maximum daily amount at the end, on each occasion, of the corresponding twenty-four-hour period.


    Interprovincial extra fee.

    If you want to finish in a different guppy province than the one you started, the interprovincial extra of fifty (50) euros will be applied to your rental, except that the guppy car with which you travel is from the destination province. The province of the vehicle can be checked on the back of the vehicle, in its vehicle code, with the Initial-Initial-Number format. The first initial is the province of the vehicle (A-Asturias, C-Cantabria, …)

    If you end a rental in a province other than the one of origin, guppy is not responsible for the availability of the same vehicle to return to the original province.


    You pay 10€ You pay 30€ You pay 50€ You pay 100€
    We add 2€ to your guppy account You get 12€ of guppy balance We add 10€ to your guppy account You get 40€ of guppy balance We add 20€ to your guppy account You get 70€ of guppy balance We add 50€ to your guppy account You get 150€ of guppy balance

    The vouchers or the guppy balance is not compatible with the daily maximum promotion (“All day” rate) or with the interprovincial extra (“Between provinces” rate).

    The guppy credit has an expiration of one year. If, before the end of that period, you buy a new voucher, the validity date of your guppy balance is extended to another year. If you don’t spend the bonus or guppy balance in that year, the balance is lost.

    In this case, you pay at the moment you acquire the voucher and, as you scroll through guppy, the balance of said voucher is subtracted.


    Registration Fee for the subscription of the Individual Driverless Rental Agreement 0 €
    Exclusive reservation time for each User, prior to the start of the Lease Agreement 0€
    Payment for expiration of the reservation time without signing an Individual Driverless Rental Agreement 0€
    Cost of damages to any third party, not covered by insurance Full amount of damages + € 40 for processing costs
    Damage to guppy vehicle, caused by the user Full amount of the repair + € 40 for processing costs
    Traffic fines Full amount of the fine + € 20 for processing fees
    Attention to driver identification requirement for traffic offense 20€
    Surcharge for towing service or mobile fast recharge and municipal deposit, within the Guppy Zone or at the Guppy Points According to the provider’s invoice and / or corresponding fee + € 40 for processing costs
    Surcharge for towing service or mobile fast recharge and municipal deposit, outside the Guppy Zone or the Guppy Points According to the provider’s invoice and / or corresponding rate + € 70 for processing costs
    Surcharge for minimum battery level (autonomy <50 km or 20%), without the need for a crane or quick recharge 40€
    Surcharge for special operator displacement (cause generated by User) within municipalities with a guppy point or zone 40€
    Surcharge for special operator displacement (cause generated by User) outside municipalities with a guppy point or zone, but within the Service Zone 60€
    Surcharge for special operator displacement (cause generated by User) outside municipalities with a guppy point or zone, outside the Service Zone 60€ + 0,20€/Km
    Surcharge for immobilization of the vehicle to locate lost objects (max. 5 hours) 15€
    Surcharge for special cleaning derived from a breach of the Terms and Conditions 40€
    Surcharge for not reporting an accident or not presenting a friendly report 200€
    Surcharge for ending the Lease Agreement without Individual Driver parking the vehicle in private spaces, with limited access by barrier or subways not expressly enabled by guppy (not in stand-by) 500€
    Surcharge for smoking inside the vehicle 50€
    Surcharge for smoking inside the vehicle if, in addition, damage is caused to it or any of its components € 50 + Full amount of damage
    Surcharge for driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medications or any substance that impairs your ability to drive and impairs your reflexes 500€
    Surcharge for transporting drugs or psychotropic substances in a guppy 500€
    Surcharge for allowing a third party to drive a vehicle from a User Profile other than the driver’s 200€
    Surcharge for allowing a third party to drive a vehicle from a User Profile other than the driver, causing damage to the vehicle or third parties, or any other type of incident € 500 + The costs of the consequences of such driving
    Surcharge for identity theft (creating and / or using the User Profile of a third party) and / or for driving a vehicle without authorization from guppy 500€
    Reckless driving surcharge 500€
    Surcharge for driving in circumstances that, not being considered reckless driving, are risky for other traffic users 200€
    Surcharge for speeding or for repeating, in various rentals, the legally established speeding 200€
    Surcharge for recidivism (three times or more) in the same conduct penalized with a surcharge 50€/recidivism
    Surcharge for falsifying documentation or personal data in order to create a User Profile 500€
    Surcharge for trying to transform or modify, in any way, the app or any computer system, including IoT, of the guppy service 500€
    Surcharge for lying to mask, reduce or eliminate own responsibility in an incident 300€
    Surcharge for transporting minors without adequate security measures Amount of the fine + € 40 for management fees
    Surcharge for not providing data legally required by guppy after a request from the Public Administration 200€
    Surcharge for transporting objects / animals that impair safety or damage the vehicle € 40 + Damage caused to the guppy vehicle
    Surcharge for using guppy as a means to commit crimes 500€
    Surcharge for transporting more passengers than legally authorized € 200 + Amount of fine
    Surcharge for disabling a security system or modifying the structure of the vehicle without express acceptance by guppy 500€
    Surcharge for using guppy for other purposes, such as to participate in underground races or speed tests 500€
    Surcharge for leaving the vehicle open or with the windows open 40€
    Surcharge for circulation abroad without authorization from guppy Depending on the specific case
    Surcharge in case of total loss of the vehicle due to causes attributable to the user 1.000 €
    Interest on late payment, applicable as soon as a communication in this regard is sent, except when the first claim for payment is dealt with 8% per year
    Call cost to Customer Service According to the telephone company rate


All those specific penalties included in the Pricing Policy will be binding on Guppy and the Users.

If the Terms and Conditions identify a specific and concrete penalty or surcharge, the concept and amount included therein must be taken into account, since it will prevail over those concepts and amounts that may be identical or similar established in the Pricing Policy.

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