Pricing Policy


First 10 km: €1/km
From 11km: €0,50/km

Stand-by rate: 


Daily rate:

Thanks to the maximum daily amount, whatever you do, you will never pay more than 60 euros a day. The app will automatically apply this rate to you, you don’t need to activate it. This means that as soon as you reach 60 euros of consumption, you will continue to use our service freely without paying more for it in those 24 hours. Please note that if your rental exceeds 24 hours, the calculation of expenses will be made globally, not per day independently. For example, for a 25-hour rental, the maximum is 120 euros (2 days x 60 euros).

guppy passes:

GUPPY PASS 10. Price: 10€. Balance: 12.

GUPPY PASS 30. Price: 30€. Balance: 40.

GUPPY PASS 50. Price: 50€. Balance: 70.

GUPPY PASS 100. Price: 100€. Balance: 150 .

The balance is not compatible with the maximum daily rate promotion.

The guppy balance has a 1 year expiration date. If you buy a new voucher before the end of this period, the validity date of your guppy balance is extended by 1 more year.



Registration fee for Base Contract subscription0 €
Exclusive booking time for each User (20 minutes after selection of Vehicle on the Application)0 €
Payment for expiration of reservation without subscription of Individual Driverless Lease by the User0 €
Cost of damages to any third party not covered by insuranceFull amount
+ 40€ for processing fees
Damage to the Guppy vehicle caused by the user

Cost of the repair + 40 € for processing fees

See FAQs Who and what does the insurance cover?

Traffic finesFull amount
+ 20 € for processing fees
Attention to driver identification requirements for traffic violations20,00 €

Surcharge for crane service or mobile quick recharge and municipal deposit, within the Guppy Zone or in the Guppy Points

According to the lender’s invoice and/or corresponding rate +
40 € for processing fees
Surcharge for crane service or mobile quick recharge and municipal deposit, outside the Guppy Zone or Guppy Points

According to the lender’s invoice and/or corresponding rate +70€ for processing fees.

Recharge by minimum battery level (range < 50 Km o 20%) sin necesidad de grúa o recarga rápida40,00 €
Surcharge for special operator travel (user-generated cause) within municipalities with a Guppy point or zone40,00 €
Surcharge for special operator travel (user-generated cause) outside municipalities with a Guppy point or zone40,00 € + 0,20 €/km
Surcharge for locating lost objects (max. 4 hours)20,00 €
Special cleaning charge for non-compliance with Terms and Conditions40,00 €
Surcharge for failure to report an accident or to file a friendly report200,00 €
Surcharge for ending the Individual Driverless Lease by parking the Vehicle in private spaces, with limited access by barrier or subway not expressly authorized by Guppy (no Stand-by)500,00 €

Surcharge for termination of the Individual Driverless Lease Contract by parking the Vehicle in exclusive Guppy spaces outside the spaces delimited and numbered for such purpose, except when these are all occupied. See FAQs.

250,00 €
Cost of management to end the Lease without Individual Driver having parked the Vehicle outside the areas enabled for that purpose in the Terms and Conditions.100,00 €
Surcharge for smoking inside the vehicle200,00 €
Surcharge for using Guppy under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances500,00 €
Surcharge for allowing a third party to drive the Vehicle200,00 €
Surcharge for leaving the Vehicle open or with windows open40,00
Surcharge for circulation abroad300,00 €
Security Deposit for Long Term RentalsDepending on the specific circumstances
Surcharge for second claim of unpaid invoices20,00 €
Interest on arrears, applicable from the first day of delay, except when the first claim for payment is met 8% anual
Surcharge for non-compliance not specified in the Pricing Policy regarding Terms and Conditions200,00 €
Cost of the call to the Customer ServiceAccording to local tariff


All those specific penalties included in the Pricing Policy will be binding on Guppy and the Users.

If the Terms and Conditions identify a specific and concrete penalty or surcharge, the concept and amount included therein must be taken into account, since it will prevail over those concepts and amounts that may be identical or similar established in the Pricing Policy.

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