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To sign up for guppy and start using the service, you just need to download the application.

  • Android access
  •  iOS Access

To use guppy you do not have to pay any registration fee. Registration is free and you will only pay for what you use. You can check the rates here.

Sign up online from the app. You just need a driving licence and a payment card.

The photos must be of quality, clear and crisp.

Photos must be perpendicular to the card, never inclined.

Place the document on a contrasting background, to achieve a better detection of the document within the photo.

Avoid holding the document with your hands covering relevant information.

The 4 edges of the driving license must be verse, but close enough so that the font size is recognizable by the automatic reading system.

They must clearly read the card information (Name, surnames, dates, etc.)

To drive one of our cars you just need to have a driving licence and be over 18 years old.

Aquí encontrarás un listado de los carnets que están aceptados para usar el servicio.

Please contact our Customer Service on 985 175 588.

You can pay with any Visa or Mastercard paid card.

Service availability is almost immediate. You just have to download the app, register for free and follow the steps to complete the sign up process. Once your guppy account has been activated, you will receive a confirmation email. From that moment on, you can now log in and drive your guppy.

To modify any personal data, access “My profile” tab of the app and modify what is necessary from the “Personal data” tab.

Before the trip

1-day rental does not mean you have to keep the same car. It is not a car rental but a service, which you can use for 24 hours from your first rental.

To enjoy 1-day rental you do not need to hire anything, it is activated automatically when detecting the use.

Thanks to the maximum daily rate, whatever you do, you will never pay more than €60 per day. The app will automatically apply this rate, you do not need to activate it. This means that as soon as you reach €60 of consumption, you will continue to use our service freely without paying more for it in those 24 hours. Keep in mind that, having this rate active, if your rental exceeds 24 hours, the next day’s hours will automatically be charged as a full day. For example, a 30-hour rental will count as 2 days.

As a general rule, users do not have to charge cars.
However, if you want to charge it for a long trip, all cars are charged with edp. To check the availability of chargers, use the move on app by edp. Follow the instructions to move on identifying yourself as a guppy user.

To charge the vehicle, use the charging cable that you will find in the boot.

Any trip to Asturias Airport does not have any extra costs.

Yes, you can. You have 20 minutes of free reservation.

In addition, if you are interested in extending this reservation time, you can start your rental even if you are not going to move the vehicle. Simply start the rental and you will have the vehicle available as long as you need, at the stand-by rate. Don’t worry, the vehicle will remain locked until you approach it and open it.

You can only book one vehicle each time. If, during a reservation, you want to change to another vehicle that suits you best, cancel your current reservation and you will be able to book the new vehicle.

If you go to the airport, please, call our customer service number 985 175 588 to coordinate the pick up of your vehicle with our staff before starting your trip.

Then rent the vehicle as a normal route.

If you arrive at the airport of Asturias, and you want to move freely in guppy, we recommend that you call our customer service number 985 175 588 to coordinate the collection of the vehicle, as soon as you land.

Go to the departures area of ​​the airport and there you will find your vehicle available so you can start your service.

During the trip

• Before leaving the vehicle, always wear the reflective vest that you will find in the

• Secure the accident area with the triangles that you will find in the boot.

• In case you are injured, call 112.

• If possible, move the car to a safe area.

• Call our Customer Service on 985 175 588

• We will help you during the process.

• If the accident involves third parties, fill in the accident report that you will find in the glovebox.

In the event the vehicle is damaged before starting your trip, do not forget to report the damage through the guppy app. From the app, when confirming the rental, you can indicate any damage in “Damage to the vehicle”. If you prefer, you can also contact guppy Customer Service on 985 175 588.

All the necessary documents are in the glovebox.

No problem. Use the mobile chargers available.

In any case, always try to make sure your phone has enough battery before using guppy. If, for some reason, you are unable to use the USB chargers and cannot finish the trip, please contact our Customer Service on 985175588.

The entire fleet has the eco mode activated by default. To enjoy the full power of this vehicle, press the pedal fully and the eco mode will be deactivated momentarily.

​The license plates of our vehicles are registered. Simply go to the exit of the parking and the barrier will rise automatically.​

Please call our Customer Service on 985 175 588 and we will help you out.

In the event that the allowed speed limit is exceeded, and this results in a penalty for the driver, the authorities will contact us to find out the details of the user who was driving the vehicle. Once the user is identified, the competent authority will directly notify the fine. As far as guppy is concerned, an administration fee for processing the fine will be charged to your account.

If you cannot continue the trip (for example, if you are unwilling to drive, the car has been immobilised for some reason, …), please contact us via telephone on 985 17 55 88.

Remember that you can end the trip if you are in a guppy area.

Check the complete map with the parking areas and the exclusive guppy parking points. Remember that you can move freely, these are only to start /end your trip.

No, you can’t. Our vehicles can only be used within the Spanish territory.

Park the car within a guppy area

  • Park the car in any public parking space that has no time restrictions, within our area.
  • The app itself will tell you if you are in a parking area or in a guppy point.
  • If you are not, it will not allow you to end the trip.

End the trip in the app

The car will lock automatically.

Check it to make sure you have finished the car rental correctly.

• Park inside the guppy area

Park your car in any public parking space that has no time restrictions, within our area.

The application will tell you if it is in the parking area or a guppy point.

If you are not, you will not close the trip.

• Close the vehicle from the application

Our vehicles have no key. It is as simple as moving the engine and detecting that everything is in order, get off the vehicle, close the door and select “Close vehicle” on your mobile. The car closes automatically.

• The rental ends in the application

On the same screen, just below you have the “End rent” button. By selecting it your service will be over.

Smoking is not allowed inside our vehicles.

No, they can’t. The person who is making the rental is the only one authorised to drive the vehicle. If you want to change the driver, the current user has to finish the trip and the new driver starts a new trip.

Each user account is personal and non-transferable. The user is responsible for any event that occurs during the use of his account.

Yes, you can. However, it is your obligation to comply with current road and traffic regulations.

Yes, they are. However, it is your obligation to comply with current road and traffic regulations.

Remember that you have the obligation to return the vehicle in good condition as you found it. Otherwise, an extra fee for cleaning will be charged to your account. You can check our fees here.

You can finish the rental within any guppy area or at any guppy point. (Check here) Remember that you do not have to worry about parking costs at any guppy point. They are included in the price of the services we offer.

It is not allowed to finish the trip outside guppy areas, in private parking facilities, in places reserved for people with disabilities or in places with a time limit (eg loading and unloading areas)

But don’t you worry! The application will not let you log out if you are not at an enabled point.

You can park as close as possible, as long as you comply with the parking regulations and you will be in an area enabled to end the trip.

Control the car charge before and during your trip. Remember that you must leave a range of at least 50 km at the end of your journey. In case of being close to reach this limit, the app will notify you in advance to end your trip.

If, even so, you run out of battery, please stop your vehicle in the safest area possible and immediately contact our Customer Service on 985 175 588.

After the trip

If you find any forgotten object, please deposit it in the boot.

If you have forgotten something, contact us to retrieve it. You can send us an email to hola@guppy.es or call our Customer Service at 985 175 588.

We rely on the goodwill of our users and we are sure that lost items will return to their owners, but we cannot be held responsible for any lost items.

At the end of each service, you will receive an email informing you of the expenses incurred. The cost of this service will be charged to the card you have on your profile and will become effective in the next 48 hours.

Special operator displacement surcharge (user-generated cause)€40,00
Processing of third party invoicesaccording to the invoice
Processing of finesAccording to penalty
Surcharge for administrative management of fines€20,00
Transmission of crane cost (or fast mobile recharge) + surcharge for collection in municipal depositAccording to the invoice and corresponding rate
Surcharge for collection at the Municipal Deposit€40,00
Cost processing crane in case of accident with fault of the User€40,00
Crane surcharge due to low battery (less than 20% of the storage deposit after the end of the Lease Agreement without Individual Driver) within the Free Parking Zone or Points of Interest.€40,00
Crane surcharge due to low minimum battery (less than 20% of the storage deposit once the Lease Agreement without Individual Driver) outside the Free Parking Zone or Points of Interest€70
Damage to the vehicle complying with Terms and Conditions.according to damage. Max.€40
Vehicle immobilization surcharge for location of lost objects (max. 4 hours)€20,00
Surcharge for administrative processing of claims with the fault of the User€20,00
Surcharge for not reporting accident or not presenting friendly part.€200,00
Registration fee for subscription of Base Contract.0€
Tiempo de reserva exclusiva para cada Usuario (20 minutos tras selección de Vehículo en la Aplicación)€0
Payment for reservation expiration without subscription of Lease Agreement without Individual Driver by the User.€1
Management cost for finalizing the Lease Agreement without Individual Driver having the User parked the Vehicle outside the areas authorized for this purpose in the Terms and Conditions€100,00
Surcharge for claim of unpaid receipts€20,00
Penalty charge for late payments€ 20.00 + 8% interest
Penalty charge for return of debit note15% of the amount set on the debit returned
Charge for debts incurred (minimum amount, frequency of value) over € 50 and over 30 days past due€15
Surcharge for smoking inside the vehicle€200,00
Charge for minimum battery level (autonomy> 50 Km or 20%)€40,00
Surcharge for using Guppy under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances€200,00
Surcharge for allowing a third party to drive the Vehicle€200,00
Surcharge for leaving the vehicle open or with windows open€50,00
Surcharge for circulation abroad€300,00
Surcharge for terminating the Lease Agreement without Individual Driver parking the Vehicle in private spaces, with limited access by barrier or underground not expressly enabled by Guppy (without Stand-by)€200,00
Surcharge for termination of the Lease Agreement without Individual Driver parking the Vehicle in exclusive Guppy spaces outside the places defined and numbered for this purpose€250,00
Special cleaning surcharge for breach of Terms and Conditions€40,00
Depósito por garantía de cobro para Arrendamientos de larga duraciónDeposit for payment guarantee for long-term leases
Surcharge for non-compliance not specified in the Price Policy in relation to the Terms and Conditions€200,00

We are sorry that our service has not lived up to your expectations. Please tell us the reason for your discontent so that we can improve our service. You can send us an email to hola@guppy.es, connect with us on our social networks or call our Customer Service on 985 175 588.

Provided that the driver is the person who has rented the vehicle, and that they have complied with road and driving rules at all times, the insurance will cover all the occupants of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Download the app 
and move at will

Do you need help?

Go to FAQ´S about guppy 

Customer support

+34 985 175 588





Download th app and
move at will

Do you need help?

Go to FAQ´S about guppy

Customer support

+34 985 175 588





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