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guppy philosophy

In addition to promoting sustainable mobility in our cities, at GUPPY we want to encourage prudent and responsible driving of our vehicles.

Therefore, in no case will we tolerate the behavior of those who do not respect traffic regulations, especially in relation to the consumption of alcohol and drugs, as well as reckless driving and speeding (remember that in GUPPY you will pay for kilometers traveled and not for the duration of your journey).

On the other hand, if it proves to be a responsible driver, respectful of the rules and, by extension, with those who share with our streets and roads, we will take it into account when assessing the small damages that normal use can cause in vehicles.

With responsible driving, in addition to saving you problems, you will make our cities a better place to live. And if you drive a GUPPY, respecting the rules, you will enjoy a pleasant experience with zero emissions.